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Introducing “Door Filter” A Newly Developed, Innovative, Canadian-Made Filtration Product designed to Improve the Indoor Air Quality within Apartment Units.

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  • “Improving Indoor Air Quality is what we do.”

    After considerable research, prototyping and testing, the Door Filter™ was born.

  • Typically, apartment buildings are designed with an ineffective Corridor Ventilation Strategy in mind whereby fresh air is only pumped into the hallways and then pulled into individual units.  Condo Dust and unwanted pollutants are often forced into Condo and apartment dwellings. Door Filter™ has a dense particulate filter eliminating pests, allergens and even unpleasant odors before they enter your living space.

    Unfiltered air often carries biological and chemical hitchhikers that can affect your family’s environment and even their health. Door Filter™ is the cost efficient, non invasive way of controlling pollution at the source once installed at your Door Bottom or Door threshold . Please read on to find out more.

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  • It’s hard to believe that it was almost 7 years ago that the idea of DoorFilter started to appear as concepts on our screens; the beginnings of what would  become the “First Invention and Innovation of its type” a true revolutionary product was taking shape. Were happy to say that in 2014 we are in very different place than where we first started.

    In 2007, Our chief designer and new father having found himself with added responsibilities and new challenges. With these added responsibilities of family he became obsessed with his families overall well being and health. This is what drove him to study the air flow within Condo apartments. The answers to the questions he had, led to more question and we finally honed in on what the Solution to these issues should look like.. At the beginning our design was basic, threw out the years of development our Engineers leaned on George Brown College’s Centre for Construction and Engineering Technology (CCET) and the University of Toronto’s Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department along with colleagues of whom we work alongside in the Auto Racing business. What we designed was a elegant simple solution that Filters air that makes its way into your living quarters around your entry door. During our research  we were shocked to learn about issues like “Sick Building Syndrome & Interim occupancy debris that are all silent killers!! We also learned that 3 million Canadians alone live with asthma due to poor indoor air quality. “Forget out door air pollution” “ indoor air is know to be 100 times worst”. This in our eyes was unacceptable, so we set out to design the Doorfilter product that has the ability to contribute to the well-being of millions of Condo dwellers,”This is what Drives our New Company”

    We are Hope that people will take the time to understand the Product and take the time to think about there environment and the air they breath. DoorFilter has the ability to  purify the air you breath.!

    We hope you will join us.


Door Filter’s Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

      Door Filter™ works because key people have done the research and designed a product that works and lasts. All the necessary details have been meticulously planned and implemented from the interchangeable ends that can be sized to fit the door properly to the dense ABS extension lined with a door sweep and of course the removable multi-stage air filter. Door Filter™ is the end result of that tried and true business journey that moves from prototype to testing to finished product.

    • Lead by Example

      Being the first product to tackle this Corridor Ventilation System head on means we’re the innovators and the original inventors that will always lead the pack. Door Filter™ is the premier product that filters those common unwanted airborne pollutants like dust and pet dander that can irritate allergies and those bigger nuisances like cooking smells while still allowing fresh air in. It’s the North American-made air filtration system that’s the example all others will try and follow.

    • Focus on the Future

      The Door Filter™ was born of one of the strongest motivations possible—a father’s desire to protect the well being of his family. As founder, CEO, and most importantly, new father, Andrew Bordin wanted to be sure he had a product he could feel safe using around his own family before he asked you to trust yours with it. The result is a unit that runs continuously without using power and has no moving parts to break down.

    • Strive for Excellence

      We believe there’s no room for second best where your family’s health is concerned and that’s why the Door Filter™ fully integrated interchangeable filter cartridge uses only activated carbon technology. This dense particulate filter reduces allergens while allowing fresh clean air to enter your unit. It’s just another way we strive for excellence where your indoor atmosphere is concerned.