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  • A tiny solution for a condo-sized problem

    Perhaps extra aware of aerodynamics, racecar driver Andrew Bordin noticed something every condo owner will recognize: that sudden gust of hallway air that turns your apartment into a wind tunnel every time you open your front door. “That’s called corridor ventilation and 95 per cent of buildings use it,” he explains. “Basically, you have a […]

  • Cleaner apartment air is a Door Filter away

    Most apartment dwellers aren’t aware where their air is coming from — but they should be. Sure, the apartment looks spiffy, but what kind of air is coming into the apartment under the entry door? (Photo: Door Filter) This ongoing series is all about the smart home, looking at smart technology that’s going to change […]

  • This Door Filter Keeps Odors, Fumes, And Allergens Out Of Your Apartment

      Most people in apartment buildings tend to be considerate, opening the windows and directing any vapors stenching their apartment outside, rather than seeping through the door cracks straight into the halls. Unfortunately, not everyone is as considerate and their stench ends up passing from the hall straight under your door. Fortunately, you don’t have […]